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Arora is an open-source web browser based on QtWebKit
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Arora is an open-source web browser based on QtWebKit. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, though it should work on any platform supported by the QtWebKit. The first impression I got when I started Arora for the first time was that it was really fast. It opened up almost instantly. At first sight, the browser looks a lot like Firefox. It has the same layout; an address bar to the left, then a search engine shortcut on the right, and a tabbed interface. By default, Arora uses Google for searches. Just like any other browser, this does not come with Flash installed by default, so it will display a question mark where Flash content is supposed to go. Unlike other browsers, Arora doesn't ask you to download Flash. It just shows that the content cannot be displayed, leaving it up to the user to find and download the installation package. Flash video playing is a big deal for me in web browsers, and Arora seems to play them just fine. I haven't tried any high-def videos, but the regular YouTube videos work great. The feature list is not as extensive as the most popular web browsers', but there are some nice ones to mention. Arora has a privacy mode, which does not record websites you visit anywhere. It also is translated into several languages. It has a very plain download manager, but it shows all the information that you need.

José Fernández
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  • Lightweight
  • Privacy mode
  • Really fast


  • Still in an early development stage, it works well enough
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